Saturday, 2 October 2010

Yard Sale Score

My church had a yard sale today as part of their efforts to raise money for the renovations. They rasied $3300 today! I went the last hour of the sale and they were running a deal where you could get everything you could put into a carboard box for $1. I paid and headed to my car, fully intending to go back inside, and stick a small crock pot and cupcake pan in a box for $1. But after settling everything into the car I forgot and drove away. I'm still kicking myself for forgetting the crockpot. It was the perfect size to feed just the two of us. But here is what I did get:

3 cookbooks and 2 novels

3 vases (I may use the round one in a centerpiece at my wedding reception)

2 basket (The red one now holds my pb packets, salt and pepper, toothpicks and coasters on top of the microwave

Giraffe, cow, llama and church cookie cutters

A decorative apple for my teacher-in-training roomate.

It moos and mixes up chocolate milk but I'm thinking it'll mix juice and rum just fine

2 photobooks to hold the photos I'm wating to scrapbook!

All for a grand total of $1 or  six cents per item!

What is the best thing you've ever bought at a yard sale? Do you go often? Any tips?

DARN CROCKPOT! Sigh... I guess everything happens for a reason....but it was so cute....


  1. Great deals! Congrats!

    I should check out yard sales but I never do. It has been many years since I've been to a garage sale. I did go to a secondhand baby store two years ago and found some great deals for my daughter - bouncer, clothes, toys and books for bargain prices. I need to look into that sort of place again! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I absolutely ADORE rummage sales! I bought 3 different sizes of crockpots one day, for a total of $6. I buy clothes, household goods, lots of ancient and quirky cookbooks ... oh, they're just too much fun!!!


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