Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My First Gluten Free Baking Experience

We're having a cookout next weekend in honor of a friend who is getting deployed. His wife is on a gluten-free diet and has mentioned how she doesn't like that it limits her sweet tooth so I thought I would try to bake some cupcakes that she could enjoy.

I started with a recipe from Cupcake Project and decided to follow through with the chocolate hummus frosting.

The recipe calls for twice sifted flour and I usually skip sifting all together but after reading the whys behind sifting it I decided it was an important step. I set my strainer over my collander which was over my mixing bowl and and my Goldberg contraption was rolling.

Sifting made the dry ingredients really light and fluffy!  Which is good considering the garbanzo bean flour makes cake denser. I guess the sifting counteracts that.

Everything was going along normally, until I added the boiling water. Everything was super liquidy and not at all like a cake batter.  So I turned to Cupcake Project (via facebook) and was reassured that this was in a fact normal.

So I kept going and the cupcakes baked beautifully, but didn't dome- which I was expecting. So I frosted them with the chocolate hummus and didn't like them. I'm not sure if its the "off" texture or the flavor but they just don't jive with me.

I'm having a friend test them tomorrow and she will decide if they should go in the dumpster or off to work with Mike.

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