Thursday, 11 August 2011

Introducing Stash Busting Mondays

Over the past year or so I have accumulated a huge stash.

Of recipes. I have cookbooks, cooking magazines and a whole folder in my favorites devoted to them.

I've decided that over the next 52 weeks I will make a minimum of one new recipe (savory or sweet) per week. And that the recipe will be one  that is already in my possession.

Next Monday will be the first in my series. I encourage you to join me in a "stash-busting" adventure!

PS: Does anyone know of a good, free linky tool? I've tried mister linky but haven't had any luck making it work! I haven't found one, but in the mean time you can use my button to link your page over to mine!




  1. I do not...! I wonder what The Pleated Poppy uses for her What I Wore Wednesdays... I will totally link up with you. I had a stash of ones I wanted to try over the summer but never got around to it!

  2. Is Mister Linky the same as MckLinky? I have had a hard time with linky tools in the past as well.

    I love recipes, and can't wait to see what you have to share!


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