Saturday, 6 August 2011

$2 per trashbag full

I went to a yard sale at a church this weekend. They'd had one the past few weekends and this was the one where you dump everything you want in a bag and pay two bucks.

I walked out with:

7 books inlcuding, The Kite Runner....a fantastic read.

2 pot holders

4 dessert plates

1 salad plate

1 wallet     

1 set of notecards  

2 Christmas tins for Christmas baking       

1 shell shaped salsa dish

3 Chrismas ornaments

I think I did pretty well. There was a cute round mug with feet that I wanted to get but I forgot to put it on top of my bad :(. Darn it!!

If you break it down I spent roughly 9 cents per item.


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  1. I bought the Kite Runner for a buck at a thrift store. I had to "read" it in college for a psyc class, but I don't think I did. we read A thousand Splendid Suns in book club and I loved it, so I'm going to give KR another shot!


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