Sunday, 5 December 2010

What Does Your Bed Say About You?

Mike and I have been on the hunt for our bedroom set. He bought his last set with my input, but since he sold it before moving to Korea, we are now looking for our first set as a couple.

What does he want? Something that says "A man lives here. This is the king's bedroom". He said he wanted detail, and thick posts.

And that is exactly what he showed me. Seriously, some of these beds could have been in King Henry's vacation home. They aren't ugly, but aren't exactly my style.

This one is my least favorite, its too "blocky"

What am I looking for in a bed? Simpe, airy and elegant. Wanna see my candidates? The pictures won't save so I'll have to send you to the links really quickly . Here they are:
Paula Deen Home Savannah Poster Bedroom Set in Tobacco - 93225 / 93226 / 93227

Lexington Long Cove Newport Poster Bed in Midnight - 01-0801-17XC

As you can tell, we prefer completely different beds. Mike thinks a bed like the Paula will break too easily and I just don't like the look of the huge blcky  beds. So, we found some beds we'd consider compromising on.
Wynwood Granada Mansion Bedroom Set in Cordillera Pine
I like ^ that bed the best out of the compromise options. 

This is my least favorite of the compromise options
Which of the beds is your favorite? Which one do you think is the best compromise. AND! DON'T FORGET TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY....It'd make a great gift for a little one in your life

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