Sunday, 26 December 2010

Subtle Differences

In a few hours I will have been in my new home of PA for a week. I've begun to notice subtle differences that let me know I'm no longer home. I'm not confident enough to say that they are all North/South differences because some may just be differences within family circles.

1. All of the ice cream shops are closed. The weather I suppouse, but how I would love some Bruster's!
2. No firework stands everywhere.
3. At home we lay folded blankets over the arm of the couch. Everyone's home I've been in here, they are stretched out over the back of the couch, and are adjusted to stay that way even when someone's sitting on the couch.
4. At home only my grandma's house has a toliet seat cover. They are everywhere here.
5. On a similar note, I've noticed a lot of  towels folded over the tops of toliets, asa sort of decoration.
6. Everyone asks me to repeat myself whenever I use ya'll.
7. We have counties and towns. Here we've got counties, towns, territories,  townships and boroughs. I still can't quite figure out the last three.
8. No one refers to me as a "Reb", yet everyone reffered to Mike as a "Yankee".
9. There are lots and lots of instructional signs. On the road and in stores. And boy does Walmart mean it when their sign says "exit". The automatic door won't open from the front side.
10. I got asked if i was "southern custom" to leave the peels in the mashed potatoes by Mike's mother, leading me to think she'd never seen it that way before. Although his dad said he loved them that way. To each thier own I guess.


  1. #2 bahaha
    #3 I have always seen the blankets on the back of the couch.
    #6 bahaha
    #8 if someone does call you a "Reb" you shouls say "Don't Tread on Me"
    #9 The only place I has ever seen a no passing sign was on my drivers test then i went to KY ans they are everywhere.
    #10 I do that too especially with red and Yukon potatoes. It tastes better, it does not waste any of the potato and that is where most of the nutrients is.

    Love you!

  2. Ah, the joys of blending families! And it's funny how many regional differences there are, even just a state or two away. Your observations are very keen ... it's best to be amused by them! I never peel potatoes and have only lived in NY and in Michigan, far far above the Mason-Dixon Line; I would have happily devoured the mashed potatoes ... :)


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