Thursday, 30 December 2010

2011 Word

Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness has challenged her readers to select a word to focus on during 2011. Being the word lover I am I decided to give this challenge a go.

2011 is a new year full of new opportunites, possiblities, and challenges. What word should I pick to help me embrace the new year? I started by making a list of words that I thought I might like to focus on. At the top of the list were:


All of the words I think would benefit me this year but I  think that since 2011 brings with it the first year of marriage, I choose Love.

I want to focus on loving my husband and on nurturing our relationship. I want to remember to  love even when times are busy, finances are tight and we are frustrated.

I want to focus on  loving myself. This means exercising, eating healthy,  learning to do my makeup and making time for my friends and hobbies.

I want to focus on my  love of learning and creating. I want to love learning to cook, love taking the 365 photo challenge, love decorating our new home and making our wedding scrapbook


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for joining the challenge to come up with a Word for the New Year! AND for linking up to my blog!!!

    I love you word - and believe it's so very fitting for you! Happy New Year and enjoy LOVING life in the 2011!!!

  2. Stopped by from Leanne's place. Nice to meet you!! I think your 2011 one little word is going to be a big one!! Can't wait to see how it pops up in posts and recipes and life.
    Here's to a 2011 LOVE fest!!!

  3. That is a perfect word! Love encompasses so many aspects, and you've clearly considered many of them ... :)


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