Monday, 27 December 2010

A Wedding Recap: Decorating

We got up Saturday morning, ate a pancake breakfast and went off to decorate the reception venue.  After decorating I was told someone had to stay in the building all day! Our reception didn't start until 7:30pm! Thankfully my father, grandfather,  the best man and maid of honor stepped up to the plate and each took shifts babysitting the building. After the rest of the bridesmaids and I showered we went over to keep Hot Glue company and I even dried my hair on the dance floor.

 Hanging paper planes made of maps
 Lyric putting together the Carribean centerpiece
 Bodie passed out after hanging too many planes
 Bodie putting together the Europe centerpiece
 Hot Glue tying on planes
 The paper garland about to go up!
 The Europe centerpiece
 The America centerpiece
 K10 put together the Asia centerpiece
 Lu and I made these awhile back but K10 prettied them up with some ribbon
 Threading the planes

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  1. HOW COOL! I LOVE those centerpieces!!! Congrats on the Wedding!!!! I can't wait to look around and see more photos from the day! (Can't believe it's here and gone already!) Congratulations, again!!!


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