Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Bridal Shower Updated with pics

Last Friday afternoon at 4pm I headed over to Hot Glue's apartment with a few of my college friends who couldn't make it to my bridal shower in Hartsville.

We munched on chocolate cake, trail mix, yogurt covered pretzels, empanadas and sausage balls. We ate throughout the entire shower and ended up not wanting dinner.

While we munched we played games. For the first game, Hotglue has asked Mike questions in an email (ranging from favorite color and his favorite thing about me to the wildest thing he'd ever done). The girls placed bets on how many questions I would get right and then thry took turns asking me the questions. The closest girl won a prize. I loved the game and made Mike answer the questions about me once I got home. We tied for the number of correct answers.

We played some other great games like bridal pictionary and  dress the bride. My second favorite game was when Hotglue made us all close our eyes and draw a scene from the wedding day as she described it.

Towards the end we opened gifts and helped Lu clean up. I was so touched that my friends would have a second shower to make sure I got to play bridal games and eat good cake (My first shower was a one hour long drop in, with vanilla on vanilla cake which I really don't like).

Oh, and I broke a ribbon after trying really hard not to!


  1. You have some truly lovely friends! And I can't imagine making a vanilla cake for someone who calls herself a chocoholic ... it was probably pretty good anyway, but ...!

  2. I'm so glad your friends gave you a special day! You deserve it! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and good luck with all the remaining wedding details you have! So excited for you!



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