Friday, 26 November 2010

A Big Decision to Make

Mike and I had a long talk last night about whether we should honeymoon now or later.

We'd been planning a week long trip to Niagra Falls, over Christmas. It will be beautiful, snowing and a wonderful time all around. A dreamy Christmastime trip, complete with fine dining, sight seeing, gambling and fireworks on Christmas Eve. A wonderful bonding time for the two of after a long time apart.

So what's the problem?

Mike found a job a month later than we had hoped and I currently don't have a job, or one lined up. So we've have to start spending savings that we hadn't planned on.We just paid the first month's rent on a town house, plus the security deposit, plus all of the fees for transferring all of the utilities to our name. We still have to buy a washer and dryer and bedroom furniture. If we don't go on the honeymoon we can buy the washer and dryer and part of the bedroom set, in cash. I've considered not buying a washer and dryer immediately and using the laundry mat downtown, but Mike is concerned about me driving downtown in the snow/ice alone to use the laundry mat (as he has a day job so I'll be the one using the laundry mat during the day).  If we don't honeymoon we can spend a few more days in SC with my family, spend the week doing things like going grocery shopping, getting me to where I'm comfortable with the town, applying for a part time job, putting me on his bank card, and finding a new bank in our town. We could put up a tree and go to the Christmas eve celebration at his parent's house and cook a nice romantic dinner for Christmas.

The practical me says skip it and go in the summer when we can afford it. The more frivoulous me says go and enjoy the special time with my honey. The practical me says we'll be too worried about finances to enjoy it. As you can probably tell, I'm leaning towards canceling it. But before I make any set in stone decision, I've decided to spend a few days praying about it and to see where that leads me.

Any thoughts?


  1. Personally I say be practical. I know that sounds strange coming from the most unpractical person when it comes to shopping, but that's why I have a JT to balance it out. You guys are just starting out in the world and its normal not to be able to have every single luxury anticipated for. Don't let that discourage you. You'll get it some day, but for now be smart about how you spend because you don't want to be in any unnecessary debt. You'll get that magical honeymoon I swear. Just be patient and stay strong.

  2. Be practical. You can be romantic sharing a peanut butter sandwich by candlelight -- it's about being together. And being together with more things settled will make you happier from the start. You can always save up for a really special trip with all the daily nuisance stuff off your minds once you take care of them ....


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