Monday, 8 November 2010

A Lovely Weekend: Planning and Bridal Shower

I drove home Friday afternoon with Hotglue and Lyric. We picked up my sister and then went off to run wedding errands. We made nail appointments for the day before the wedding, dropped off the drawing of the  reception layout and went to my dress fitting!

We tried our darndest to make makeup appointments. But 1 (of 3) counters in Belk told us they could only make one appointment that day, another told us no appointments were being accepted that week and the third counter told us to call back Saturday morning. We called back Saturday morning and they told us they would call us back in a few minutes. We headed off to my bridal shower and didn't hear from them all day. I've got to call them back this week and find out if they can do the other 5 appointments. I didn't realize that the counters would shut down in December.

My bridal shower was lovely. There was cake, pecans, chips and (the best ever) dip, fudge, and mini biscuits and absoulutely yummy punch. We snacked and then I set to opening gifts. I got some fabulous gifts including a crockpot, the plates and silverware I wanted, lots of mixing bowls and casserole dishes and other fabulous kitchen and bath things.

 One of my flower girls helping me unwrap a microwave

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  1. Oh how fun! The big day is near for you.... very exciting. Glad you received the things you wanted from your registry.... that is so helpful!


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