Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Bachelorette Guest Post by Hot Glue, Herself

This past Saturday was my best friend’s bachelorette party…also known as the Maid of Honor’s final exam. We had a wonderful time, and while I would like to pretend that I waved some sort of magic wand to compile our lovely weekend in a cabin, followed by a day out in Asheville, getting to this point was quite the challenge and was only possible with the help of a lot of really great people! For one, all of the bridesmaids are in college, and by association pretty scarce on funds (not quite Ramen noodle poor…but almost) but by the grace of some heavenly force we found a fabulous little cabin in the mountains that we all absolutely adored and could afford, and which set the scene for our bachelorette shenanigans (it had a loft!)

 I know bachelorette parties are fairly notorious for joining the club of things not talked about by those not involved (along with Vegas trips, and really any type of childbirth stories…although my boyfriend’s mother once found it appropriate to tell me about going into labor during a blizzard). But I’ll be generous and share some details: homemade pizzas, a real fire started by one of our own in our fireplace, smores,  good drinks and even better company.

 And of course…cheesy games! We played a hilarious remix version of pin the tail on the donkey, except our version involved a  “stud” and some bright pink kisses that we had to hit on target on different parts of his body (clean thoughts…clean thoughts!)

We also had a toilet paper dress competition, which I successfully won with my innovative toilet paper hula skirt design (and the help of a very patient and lovely model). 

We ended the night with dancing, more smores, more drinks and a very classy game of Truth or Dare (of course). 

It was a great night, but I will admit getting a little sad in between smores as I realized that part of a bachelorette party means officially sending off one of our own to start a brand new life. Rachel and I have stuck through some pretty rough times and a whole bundle of changes. When we met we were both wide-eyed 17 year olds with wild imaginations, and I’m proud (and relieved) to say that while we’ve definitely matured since then, our imaginations haven’t.  And while I will certainly miss her with the same intensity I miss donuts during a diet, I already know frequent visits/invasions by me and daily talks are in order (her fiancé has been warned…my nickname is hot glue for a reason!)

Our adventure ended the next day after an incredible brunch in Asheville at the Early Girl Eatery (they support organic produce and their food is amazing!) and an afternoon stroll through the city, which never fails to surprise (for example, a run in with a very persistent fortune teller and incredible peanut butter chocolate pie).

 I hope she enjoyed her day as much as we all did. It was a perfect weekend, and the only thing that makes me happier than knowing my best friend is heading into her wedding with a proper send off is thinking about her preparing my couch for me when I come to visit! ;)  

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