Saturday, 13 November 2010

Its That Fabulous Time of Year

The time for baking of sweets, purchasing and wrapping of gifts and the sending of Christmas cards. I tend to send a few cards every year. I even bought a pack while I was in Scotland to send to my new friends in Glasgow and my old friends back home. This year I've attempted to make all of my Christmas cards but between school and wedding planning I've only managed to make four cards which isn't quite enough. So, I was happy to discover all of the beautiful Christmas cards at Shutterfly.  If I were more organized I probably would have sent a few adorable Thanksgiving cards (those were on my list to make too, but well, you know how it goes)

I've never ordered from Shutterfly before but I'm very tempted after browsing through all of their cards. Here are a few of my favorites:

I would love to put a photo of our first kiss as a married couple in the frame.

Being the lover of all things Scottish and tartan, I think this is my top pick for a current card.

I like this one- maybe  to send as a new year's card for next year  to recap the first year of our married life!

Shutterfly also has some cute gift tags you might want to look into. This one is my favorite:

Happy Holidays!!1

Note: I received a promo code for 50 cards in return for a post on my favorites! Check it out:

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