Friday, 30 April 2010

A "Weddinging" Day

Today I went with two of my bridesmaids a new good friend to David's Bridal. They both found beautiful dresses! One has pockets (totally cool) and the other has lots of sparkles!

And then we went to Williams Sonoma where I opened my first wedding registry! It was totally an exhilarating experience, although it did get overwhelming at times. So I signed up for the 'fun stuff" today- like baking equipment, towels, spatulas, pancake pens, and the "easy stuff", like dutch ovens, bread baskets, and platters I'd been eyeing. I purposefully stayed away from things like knifes and pots and pans because I want my fiance to have more of a say in those things. I also didn't register for things like a griddle, blender, ice cream maker or food processor because I think I want to register for those at places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. It was so much fun to pick out things!

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  1. Registry's are a blast! When I did my baby registry I stalked it! I would get on Babies R all the time and look at what people had bought and what was still there! Have so much fun with it! It's a blast!


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