Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hard Time Adjusting

I'm having a hard time mentally adjusting to the Hartsville wedding. I keep thinking of how pretty the Alumnae House would bedecorated for Christmas. Not to mention how much bigger it is than the pavillion and the fact that it had a really sweet set up and wrap around porch. It also had fireplaces with mantles that I'd already mentlally decorated.

Dont get me wrong the pavillion is nice but its just not what I had in mine. I want people to be able to eat and move and dance and mingle and I feel like the pavillion is too cramped. It also doesnt have many decoration possiblites.

I'm trying to come to terms, but it makes me sad to think about all of the plans I had, and how amazing it would've been. I guess I need to quit thinking about it though because they'res not really anything I can do about it now.

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