Thursday, 15 April 2010

Making Progress

I'm still working on finding a sizable reception venue. But I do have : A WEDDING DRESS. I paid off my dress today- and tried it on and its so wonderfully beautiful!

I also have a bunch of stamps. Well not technically, but I bid on them on Ebay, so I will have them soon. Why stamps? Well, they're stamps from all over the world that I want to use as seals on my wedding invites or on my RSVP "tickets". What the heck?

I want to have a travel themed wedding. I want to decorate with globes (anybody have one I can borrow?)  and old suitcases and old maps. And place disposable cameras on tables for guests to take pictures during the wedding. For a guest book I want to have a large collection of postcards for people to write messages on and then slide into a postcard album (which means I'm going to be soliciting my friends for unmarked postcards from their towns/states/provinces/countries. I want to dance to the song "You belong to me". I want to make passport inspired invitations and "ticket" style RSVP cards.

If you have any travel theme suggestions please let me know. (Or if you want to send me some postcards!) Here is my inspiration:


  1. I saw that you're in SC. I looked at a LOT of venues if you want some ideas. how many guests are you planning to have?

  2. i'm inviting around 150-200. what part of SC? I've found some great venues that I would LOVE to have a wedding- but my parents are paying for the majority of the wedding and I'm having a hard time convincing them to have the wedding someplace other than a church/town I hate. Even if the cost is the same. But please- suggest away!


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