Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Trip to the Drive-In

Saturday I went to the drivein movie with two of my Wofford friends.

Before the movie we stopped for dinner at VZ's Big Easy, a cajun/creole restaurant in Aiken, where we ate on the front porch. This place was incredible. The food was amazing. We spilt stuffed mushrooms. And we all ordered the gumbo. It was amazing and with it we were served rolls and salad. My meal cost roughly $10 and was worth several dollars more. To top it all off, the service was incredible. My drink never ran low, our server came back several times and when I ventured inside the restaurant to find the restroom I was immediately greeted with a "Yes Ma'am?". Definitely worth a stop if you're ever around Aiken.

This was my second time going to the drive in and I absolutely love it. I wish there was one closer to me so I could more often. For $7 you get to see two new movies. Such a deal. This time we only stayed for the first movie, because we all had a early morning.

We saw How to Train Your Dragon. It was such a cute movie, and I think the first I've seen about Vikings. I'm not sure I liked that the Vikings had noticeably Scottish accents although I did enjoy listening to Craig Ferguson throughout the movie. (I think somethings telling me I miss Scotland)

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