Monday, 28 March 2016

Orange You Glad I'm Bringing You A New ATM Favorite?!

The name of this subscription service reminds me of that old knock knock joke that ends with the punch line "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?".

I can't tell you how many times I subjected my parents and grandparents to that particular joke.

Regardless of your stance to that age old joke, if you like sweets as much as I do, I think you'll like this! Side note: I'm writing about this product because I've tried it and loved it. I paid full price for my product and I just want you to know how much fun it was!

OrangeGlad is basically a sweets delivery system. You can purchase a one time box or a reoccurring subscription. I signed up for the one time deal and would like to purchase a subscription but they are currently limited to monthly and since I'm trying to lose weight that is far too often for me. I'd love an every other month delivery option. Anyway, you sign up and they send you a box of curated sweets. Each box is a surprise!

Here's what I received and what I thought about each item:

Everything arrived packed in a cute box. They also sent a little booklet giving extra information on each product.

I haven't tried this but I think this is the most exciting item in the box. I love that all of the ingredients in this bar are organic and fair trade. This bar contains no soy which is HUGE  in my book as most chocolate contains soy lecithin these days. 

I received three truffle piglets, each in a different flavor. They were tasty but I was disappointed by the fact that they contained soy lecithin.

I love lemon so I'm excited to try these too. They were made in the same town my grandparents live in which gives them bonus points. The packaging is beautiful and will probably be saved but I was bummed when I read that they use butter flavoring and not real butter. I also wish they didn't use the enriched flour and used whole wheat instead.

The bag of caramels was extra buttery which is how I typically like my caramel. Also, the pieces are huge. I couldn't figure out why they use caramel coloring. Doesn't caramel already have caramel coloring?! Leave it out please!

The Clairesquares bar made for a delicious breakfast on the go and contained minimal ingredients! I would love to try this product in other flavors. The flavor I tried was raspberry and oats. I loved it and I'm not a raspberry girl by any means. I passed the wrapped onto a friend who is also trying to live a cleaner lifestyle.

I am definitely going to try another box in a month or two! If you want, check out their site here.

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