Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Things I Want to Bake Before Moving to South Korea

As I am a list maker by nature, I have been thinking of things I would like to bake before we head over that great big ocean.

My list includes:

  • Avocado Truffles....the second part of my challenge on Hot Glue Baking
  • Macarons  ....are these as hard as they look?
  • Boston Cream husband asked challenged me to make these for him)
  • Fried Cupcakes...these have been on to my "to do" list for sometime now- they even made it on my 101/1001 list.
  • Mini Chocolate Souffl├ęs
  • Coconut Macaroon Cupcakes....after seeing this mouthwatering picture on pinterest how do you NOT want to?
Coconut Macaroon Cupcake -  Devil’s food cake with dark chocolate chips, coconut cream filling, topped with coconut cream cheese frosting and a coconut macaroon.

What's on your baking "to-do" list? Do you have any good recipe suggestions for any of the things I'm looking to make?

PS: I'm on the lookout for a good fruit pie recipe

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