Saturday, 13 July 2013

Americas Best Baker

Did anyone watch this show on CBS?

I was astounded by who one, but love the show regardless. (I was rooting for Francine. She is my home girl after all. I wonder if she'd mind if I stopped over for some of that pie!)

I thought Darlene, Elaine and Effie were all really good too.

But the show has got me thinking. Many of the bakes I've never attempted. My baking bucket list as definitely grown thanks to this show.

I'm curious....

What do you think are recipes that every good baker should know how to make?

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  1. Loved the show, but I was also totally surprised in who won. I was totally voting for Francine, too. She was awesome. I decided that I have lots of new recipes to try just because I watched the show.


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