Friday, 19 July 2013

Book Review: Dreams so Big by Steve Peifer with Gregg Lewis

This is the story of a family who moves to Kenya as short term missionaries in order to overcome the death of their new born son. But, surprise-surprise, God has bigger things planned for this family and their one year commitment turns into a lifetime journey for service and discipleship.      

This book was a huge inspiration to me and my family. The story was not only immensely interesting but wonderfully well crafted as well. God’s hand is definitely all through this book. From the beginning whispers urging  a husband to make his wife’s dreams come true to the masterful telling and publication of their story, He is present.

I believe the title is an apt one. Dreams are one of the catalysts for the Peifers' journey. Also, the book inspired me to dream big. A key message I learned from this book is that God puts dreams into our hearts for a reason. No dream is too big or too small for him to fulfill, if He is the One who has given it to you. I plan on recommending this book to many people, as well as re-reading it several times. It is very touching and the truth of it makes it even more so.

If you enjoy this book I also recommend Kisses from Katie by Katie B. Davis.
PS: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my review via the booksneeze program. This statement does not apply to Kisses from Katie.

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