Friday, 3 June 2011

New Manifesto

  1. Chocolate is a choice!
  2. Sweets are a treat!
  3. Exercise makes you feel good!
  4.  Maintainence is part of organization.
  5. Cleanliness is.....well clean.
  6. Speak up when you have something to say.
  7. Writing brings you joy, do it daily. Maybe it will turn into a lifelong career.
  8. Edit everything.
  9. Sending mail is the best way to receive mail.
  10. Make an effort at least once a day to brighten your husband's day. (And any one else's)
  11. Pray.
I know there was a  big gasp after the first one, I made one myself as I wrote it, but its true.

These are principles, and ideas that I want to work on incorporating in my life. Yes, I love chocolate but I shouldn't feel like I need it. I should spend more time putting pen to paper then lazin' around on FB. I need to voice my opinions to others and to myself, and in doing so I hope to discover new passions.

I need to work on sticking with my cleaning and organization routines. I enjoy putting them together but don't fare so well on following through with them. Everyday. But I'm determined to teach myself that skill.

I want to write more, love more, exericse more,  enjoy life more and I think that the 11 items above, in addition to a few more I  am still mulling around in my noggin' will helo me do that. One of them is that I want to present myself like I sell Mary Kay. What would I wear, how would I do my hair, make up etc?

What are "rules" or "principles" that you are trying to teach yourself? What goals do you have?

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