Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Menu Planning Never Ends

I came back from my graduation vacation to a house with no food. Mostly because I'd left it that way on request. Mike said he wanted to eat out with a friend some and would take care of the rest. So I left him the coupons (nope, didn't touch them).
So seeing as we really needed something for dinner last night (we had yogurt, macaroni noodles, wheat bread, 6 eggs  and half a jar of peanut butter) I made a quick menu and grocery list. It won't get us as far as it usually does (a month) but I was hungry and in a rush.
Lastnight : Frozen garlic butter pasta (apparently it got a thumbs down for not being "manly". I ate the leftovers for lunch) At $2.99 for 4 servings, it wasn't bad!
today: Philly Peppers
until we run our of food:
1. Mexican Manicotti - it was a huge hit last time so hopefuly I'll share the recipe
2. Chicken and Dumplings, one of my favorite foods but not his because I boil the chicken
3. Pasties (another favorite, this time with Racheal Ray's modifications)
4. breakfast skillet
5. pancakes and bacon
6. veggie meatloaf and mashed potatoes (hopefully he won't notice the hidden veggies)
7. Bouchons au Thon
8. Roast and veggies
9. Peaches and porkchops (will probably recieve the not manly enough complaint)
10. Lo Mein
11. Burgers

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