Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hotglue, I love you!

Since I am going to see my best friend on Thursday I thought it would be appropriate to answer the Mama Kat prompt "Describe how you met your best friend."

Luisa and I met the summer before our senior year of high school in Charleston, SC. We both attended the Governor's School summer program on the College of Charleston campus.
We were suitemates. She was the roommate of another, now lifelong friend, and I roomed with a snotty girl who obsessively bleached her upper lip.

We became fast friends over meals, late night games, picnics, brick theft, trips to the beach, walking around King Street and not feeding the squirrels.

She helped me end, and cope with the aftermath of an emotional/mentally abusive relationship. Since then we've seen each other date oddballs (mostly on my end) and meet some real winners.When we left we both cried, and she wrote me a very sweet note. Since then our friendship has only grown deeper (thanks in part  to another summer program and sharing a college town).

The counselors at Governor's School promised us we would make lifelong friends, and for that gift I am eternally thankful.

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