Tuesday, 31 May 2011

High School Dreams

This post is inspiredf by a Mama Kat prompt that went something like :What were your plans and dreams when you first graduated high school?

I had this problem when I graduated highsschool, but it was probably one of the better problems you could have. I had too many dreams and not enough direction.

There were som nay things I could do, wanted to do dreamed of doing, that it was hard for me to pinpoint a major.

I dreamed of writing popular fantasy novels (still do)

I dreamed of being an archaeologist, experimental archaeologist or urban planner

I wanted to be a TV reporter, or talk show host.

I wanted to graduate from college (check), get married (check) and have kids before I turned 27 (no way jose!)

I wanted to be a Girl Scout leader (still do).

I wanted to travel the world (I've since been to England, Scotland, France, N. Ireland and S Korea and have dreams of visiting many more places)

I dreamed of volunteering.

I dreamed of publishing many things.

Of working for the Girl Scouts, and eventually being  a CEO because the current lady sucks monkey butt.

I thought about going into advertising.

I thought about living in Charleston SC.

I wanted a red convertible VW Bug.

I wanted a job in PR/Comunications.

I wanted to be an event planner.

What were your HS dreams? How have they shifted? How are you living your dreams?

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