Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Completey, Totally Yummy!

I could eat this stuff for days- it is that good. It's a recipe for Cowboy Beans and Sausage that I found in my Woman's Day cookbook. I followed the recipe and then topped it with grated cheese and crumbled cornbread. But you have to use Aldi's Baker's Corner cornbread mix. I've never had any mix other than Jiffy until the other  night and this stuff knocked my socks off. It was very light and had a slight honey taste to it. Mmmm!
Here's the recipe for the Cowboy Beans and Sausage
1 can pintos1 can kidney beans1 can black beans8-16 oz Kielbasa or smoked sausage1.5 cups chopped onions3/4 C bbq sauce2 tbs pancake syrup or sugar1 tbsp cider vinegar
1. Brown the sausage and remove from skillet.2. Add onions and cook until tender3.Add bbq sauce, syrup and vinegar and bring to a boil.4. Cook 15 minutes, covered over medium heat. 5. Sprinkle with cheese and serve with Aldi's cornbread- I loved my cornbread  crumbled into it! Mmmmm!


  1. Oh, that sounds like the perfect comfort food for a rainy day ... :)

  2. That sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm glad you are eating well my friend.

    P.s. - I often have trouble posting comments on your blog, I don't know why.... if it's the ads or the music or what? But it's frustrating to me b/c I want to say hi and leave a message but it doesn't post or come through, weird!?

  3. Hmm. Ill have to check into it. I don't think there are ads but it could be the music


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