Thursday, 14 January 2016

Throwback Thursday: January 2015

Last January, I was in South Korea reminiscing about where I'm from and griping about where I lived. This January, I moved back to my hometown.

Last, January, we took a trip to celebrate the new year. This January, we celebrated with dear friends and shot off fireworks on the cul-de-sac.

Last winter, we were having snow and a cold, windy winter. This year? Last week was the first week it was actually cold!

So many more things have changed. We've moved continents. We sold and bought a car. We moved back to my hometown. My husband got a non-teaching job. I'm looking for a non-teaching job.

We went from living above a school to living within one. We are so much closer to our friends and family.

We can read the labels at the grocery store and we have learned to read them.

We went from living in a tiny apartment to living in apartment with a walk-in-closet that is roughly half the size of of the former.

We have an oven.

Lots of good and exciting things going on!

What about you. how has your life changed in a year?

*This post was inspired by a Mama Kat prompt.


  1. Wow! This is a year of major change for you!

  2. A lot of big changes for you! May 2016 be great for you and yours. Stopping by from mamakatslosinit


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