Friday, 26 March 2010

Its been way too long

I apoligize for the HUGE gap in my blogging life, but the fact is -real life just caught up to me. I've got two more classes here then when I was in Scotland, paired with all of my social activities, my new job and managing a long distance engagement as just left me too busy to blog.

I got the chance to make my friend a birthday card today:

Outside text: Sweet Birthday Wishes
Inside: For my my favorite canadian
Envelope: Hi Cupcake!

After midterms this week it was a great stress reliever. I'm heading to Hartsvegas for Spring Break where I'm hopeing to catch up on the piles of homework I've been neglecting, finish my projects for work, read a fun book and make another card or  two for upcoming events. And I've recently won a copy of Falling into the Sun: A Novel by Charrie Hazard, that hope to read, in additon to sending out some internship applications. Oh and the bestie, her beau and I are hopeing to take a  day trip to Charleston!

Oh! And earlier in the week, my fiance sent me these:
(The bear is the size of a four year old!)

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