Sunday, 28 March 2010


I've finally caught my books of 2010 list up to speed. Hopefully, I'll get the chance this week to write reviews/descriptions of the books. I'm cheating a bit and including some of the books I've read for school, because lets face it- I've a ton to read for school, and if I've enjoyed the books, why shouldn't I include them on my list?

The books I mentoned in my last ATM post have really paid of for me, at work and in school. I had to do a career project and Ogilvy's books gave me a jumpstart on the background I needed!

This week I'm hoping to squeeze in two baking products-some type of banana chocolate chunk cookie and apple pie cupcakes. I'd also like to make dinner one night but I'm not sure time will allow.

Well, off to do more homework so I can those projects underway.

OOPS! Just looked at the page, and apparently I deleted my books list.

Here they are and I'll try to set up the list tomorrow

Lawof Nines
Life of Her Own
Defying HItler
Kettle Bottom


  1. I zoom through books so fast when I have a lot of time on my hands, it's nice to hear suggestions of what to read next.

  2. I know! My "to read" list is a few pages long. Let me know if you hear of anything great


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