Monday, 18 April 2016

Nothing is Too Big or Too Small

God is great.

He is great for the big things and great for the small.

When I went into work today, I set my purse on the desk and it tipped over. I collected my things and stored my purse.

At lunch I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. Just before clocking out, I paused. I couldn't find my guess. I remembered my purse spilling and went over to that area and searched the floor. I even searched the trash can directly next to where my purse fell, Nothing.

Others came to help me shake out my purse, retrace my steps and re-search the trashcan. Nothing. Nada.

My office manager offered me her car for my lunch break. I accepted and nervously drove it home to collect my spare key. Before returning to work, I prayed and turned the matter over to God.

I resumed work and as it got close to 5:00 the thought crossed my mind that I still didn't have my keys. I scanned the floor as I prayed for God to lead me to my keys.

I stood and retraced my steps from the morning. From the door, to the kitchen, and back to my office. I wandered over to a large accordion file that sits on a table behind me. I started flipping through the file and saw a piece of metal sticking out from the side. I grabbed it and discovered it was my keys!

That file was sitting on the floor when I first came in the office, I called the client and then put it back in the table. But it has been on the floor when my purse fell and I'd forgotten about it all day!

God led me to that file and showed me my keys. It was almost 5:00 but it wasn't yet. He is never too late.


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