Saturday, 30 April 2016

New ATM Fav: ASB Bible

A group of Christian leaders from across the African continent have gotten together and created a wonderful new study Bible. The Africa Study Bible was created to better help Africans relate to and understand God's word. Often, study Bibles are directed at believers with a background in Western culture and use Western references and proverbs in order to help the believer make the Bible applicable to their lives. So, the ASB was designed to help believers from various African cultures make sense of God's word.

Here's some information about the ASB project:

  • Over 2,200 features speak truth with a uniquely African perspective. Written by more than 300 contributors from over 50 countries in four major languages, the Africa Study Bible may be the most ethnically diverse, one volume biblical resource to date.
  • While our goal is to eventually publish the Africa Study Bible (ASB) in all of Africa's major languages, it will initially be published in English using the New Living Translation followed by French and Portuguese translations in the years to come. By printing in these three languages, the ASB will have its greatest impact, reaching up to 70% of literate African Christians.
  • We expect to launch this year in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. We have formed local African-led launch committees in each of these countries and are partnering with them to orchestrate all the details.
  • The ASB will feature:

  1. Application Notes inspire readers to reflect on issues and apply truth to everyday life. 
  2. Proverbs and Stories enlighten readers through the parallels of Scripture and cultural wisdom found in wise sayings and fables. 
  3. Learn Notes teach the foundations, values, and doctrine of the Christian faith. 
  4. Touch Points show where the culture of the Bible meets African cultures and how Africans shaped Christian belief.
  5. Book Introductions explain the history of each book and connect themes to issues close to African hearts.  
  6. Articles give practical advice on how to live out the Christian life focusing on critical concerns facing the African Church and its people. 
  7. Topical Index and Concordance lists the biblical texts and ASB features by topic and defines difficult to understand words connecting concepts from Genesis to Revelation.
  8. One-year Bible Reading Plan guides readers through an overview of the whole story of the Bible.  
  9. Maps, Graphical Timelines, and Other Features spread throughout the Bible help provide insight and understanding.
I believe this is a wonderful project as it is a study resource created by Africans, for Africans. Leaders, scholars, preachers and students have all come together to create this amazing resource, but they need your help to make their concept become a reality. Click here to visit their Kickstarter campaign page and donate. If you can't donate, please share this information with others! (Incentives for donating include a trip to Kenya, goat skin lined copies of the ASB and ASB inspired artwork.)

You can check out a video about the ASB here.

“The Africa Study Bible is unique because it contains study notes written by Africans for Africans. For the first time, the African church will have a Bible with application notes that address the real-life issues that Africans deal with every day. Combine those features with an easy-to-understand Bible translation that speaks directly to the heart... and you have the potential to transform the lives of multitudes of leaders, lay people, and seekers. I’m delighted that the Africa Study Bible will soon be available to my African brothers and sisters.” —Mark D. Taylor, Chairman/CEO of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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