Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Get Healthy: Mid-way Through Week 6

During week 5 I struggled with my eating habits. I half expected I would but that didn't make it any easier. I kept up with the exercise and managed to maintain my weight loss. I allowed myself a big chocolate bar on Saturday and immediately after eating it I felt like crap. My stomach was nauseous, my teeth hurt and my head was spacey. I'll have to remember to have a smaller treat next time. 

I bought some cucumbers to snack on this week. I'm trying to go potato-chip free this week. I usually have a handful with my sandwich for dinner and am hoping the crunchy vegetables will replace them easily. I forgot about the cucumbers on Monday but I ate them yesterday. 

This week I want to work really hard to get 45+ minutes of exercise 5-6 days this week. I want to drop 2 pounds this week. 

What are your best tips for staying fit?

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