Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Get Healthy: Week 4

I've been in a stalemate with myself the last two weeks. I've lost motivation to consistently exercise- and exercise hard- 45+ minutes five days a week,

My weight, fortunately and unfortunately I suppose, remained stagnant. To be fair, I consumed sweets three times during the last week instead of the 1 time per week I'm aiming for during this challenge. If I considered my "ideal life", I would like to enjoy 2 treats each week- one on the weekend and one during the work week.

Regardless, I need to be more strict with myself and push  myself harder during this challenge if I want to strengthen  my willpower and lost the remaining 4-9 pounds I need to reach my goal weight.

This week, I'm determined to consume a treat only once this week and to push myself harder during my exercise sessions.

You can check out my first post on the challenge HERE. 

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