Sunday, 17 March 2013

2nd 101/1001

The following is my second 101/1001 list. I completed aprox. half of my previous list. This list is not a list of must dos, but rather a list of things I'd like to do. The list serves as a way to keep me focused. I have until December 10, 2015 to complete my list.(How fitting that it ends on my birthday!) At that time I can reevaluate.

The italized items are in progress, the completed items are italized and bold.

TRAVEL (0/14)
  1. Go to Vegas with Mr. Groom
  2. Visit the Bedford Village
  3. Take a couples trip
  4.  Visit Cake Boss Bakery
  5. Take a road trip
  6. Lay plans for a recoccuring girls vacation/get together
  7. Go to a concert
  8. Go to the beach
  9. Visit Boston
  10. Go to Philadelphia
  11. Visit Baltimore
  12. See wild horses
  13. Renew my passport
  14. See the locks
15. Tour a winery
16. Go to a fondue restaurant
17. Make a cocktail not from a mix
18. Have a pizza making competition

19. Make truffles again
20. Make Smores with homemade graham crackers and marshmallows
21. Bake 3 inventive cupcake flavors
22. Try 15 new dessert recipes (0/ 15)
23. Try 15 new non dessert recipes (0/15)
24. Make homemade icecream
25. Make deep fried cupcakes
26. Try a Cupcake Project recipe
27. Try a Brown Eyed Baker recipe

28. Finish Westbound Hope
29. Finish Imag
30. Submit Imag to a Publisher
31. Finish Wives book
32. Submit Wives book to Publisher
33. Attend a writing workshop or seminar

34. Create postcards out of pictures I’ve taken
35. Take a card making class or a cake decorating class
36. Make a travel scrapbook
37. Finish my wedding shadowbox
38. Finish tshirt quilt
39. Learn to use my sewing machine
40. Finish my writing desk

41. Host a dinner party
42. Get Mr. Groom a personal Christmas ornament
43. Buy personalized stationary
44. Wrap a gift with a Bobo scarf
45.Host a Southern Comfort Theme Party
46. Grow vegetables and fruit

47. Write out bible verses that inspire me and post them around the house
48. Read the entire Bible
49. Attend an Easter Service
50. Attend Christmas Eve Service
51. Strengten my prayer life
52. Share my faith with someone

BODY (0/3)
53.Get in shape (be able to run a mile, nonstop, under x able to go up and downstairs without getting out of breath. boost upper arm strength)
54. Get new glasses
55. Have retainer removed

56. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
57. Volunteer at the soup kitchen or food pantry
58. Volunteer with Girl Scouts
59. Be a Girl Scout Leader
60. Send a gift to Morningside
61. Adopt a soldier
62. Send Christmas Cards to St Judes every Christmas (0/3)
63. Look into being a foster parent or adoption

 64. Load all pictures on my camera onto cds
65. Sell my prom dresses
66. Put all my books on shelves
67. Put all my printed pictures in an album
68. Clean out my room at my parents house
69. Hang artwork
70. Have my wedding dress preserved

71. Go on a double date with Hotglue and her man
72. Host a holiday celebration
73. Host a holiday celebration where both sides can attend
74. Have a niece or nephew stay the night
75. Have my sister spend a weekend or so with us
76. Continue to send snail mail to my friends
77. Give family history books for grandparents and parents to complete
78. Pray for my futrure children and thier spouses
79. Get  Mike a pet. And not a rock
80. Make recipe dish towels for family
81. Plan something special for our 5 year anniversary

THINGS (0/4)
82. Buy a new laptop
83. Get my camera fixed
84. Start a charm bracelet
85. Get a Nook case

FUN (0/12)
86. Take pictures in a photo booth again
87. Get another massage
88. Play laser  tag
89. Go outlet shopping
90. Host a craft night party
91. Have a bonfire
92. Go on a picnic
93. Host a murder mystery party
94. Host a girls night in
95. Makeover
96. Attend a scrapbooking weekend
97. Have boudoir shots made
98. Learn to braid

99. Start a business
100. Send my freelance writing resume to 5 places
101. Learn Sign language

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