Friday, 22 July 2011

Going Bento

I am thinking about buying a bento-style lunch box. But first I want to experiment with packing bento-style foods in my regular lunch carriers. I tend to "snack" more than eat full meals in the summer time, and at lunch time year round, at least when left to my own devices anyway.

So next week I'm planning on packing a few veggies,  fruit, cheese cubes and a few other things as lunch instead of the increasingly boring, turkey and cheese on wheat.

I do not like many traditionally asian foods (bento is a Japanese lunch box). I do  like  gimbop but I do not have the urge to make it. So I was wondering what non-japanese foods you use in your bentos/lunchboxes to make your lunches a little more fun and a little less sandwichy.

What do you take for lunch/pack for others? How do you keep your lunches from getting too mundane?


  1. I've been trying to find a bento lunch box with no luck. Let me know where you find yours.

  2. almost all cultures have some sort of finger food/snack. If you don't mind cooking, think Indian samosas...I think the filling combinations would be endless. You could take a tortilla or wrap and spread ricotta cheese, add cubed tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a little olive oil/balsalmic vinager mix and some salt and pepper, then roll it up and cut it into rounds. In fact you can do that roll and cut with the tortilla/wrap bread/naan bread/pita bread with an infinite number of fillings, savoury and sweet. Cured ham, like proscuitto, or anything like that salty and thin sliced, wrapped around honeydew or cantalope is divine. Leftover grits and mash potatoes can be stiffened with a little flour and fried in little squares to be eaten as is or topped with stuff. If your town has a farmer's market, go and ask the vendors about their favorite snack/finger foods. Nuts make nice snacks because they are so chock full of nutrients and energy and come in such small sizes. roll meat/cheese in large lettuce leaves instead of bread for something different. Hard boiled eggs. When your grocery store has samples, think of how you can make that same thing yourself in the size for carrying in your box. Google hors d'ouvres (spelling is wrong I am sure) and see what pops up, it might give you some ideas.


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