Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Week (or so) of "Bentos"

Todays cucumber sandwich, corn on the cob, mushroom bento went off without a hitch!

At work I came up with a few ideas for the next handful's worth of bentos:

Tomorrow- Bunless Turkey Burger w/Cheese, Kiwi, Strawberries and Chocolate!

Thursday I'm off so I'll be having pancakes

Friday- Turkey and Cheese lettuce wraps with pretzels

This weekend we're camping in my mother in law's trailer park.

Monday: Roastbeef and cheese rollups with mushrooms and carrot sticks

Tuesday: PB, Apples and Berries

Wednesday: Brown rice and a banana...as odd as this seems I had it in a hospital cafeteria (which I could eat at everyday their food was THAT good) and have loved it ever since

Thursday : Peanut Butter and Apple Butter half sandwich with cucumbers and hopefully tomatoes

What will you be having for lunch this next week?

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  1. Today for lunch I had paper thin slices of Serrano ham, fresh wedges of cantalope, brown 'hunter's' bread, filled with sunflower seeds and a chewy crust, and a wedge of castello cheese, which is a fresh cream cheese covered in freshly cracked black pepper. I had it with several cups full of black tea, sweetened with dried orange peels. We don't always eat lunch, but when we do...as you can see, it is a real pleasure!


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