Saturday, 28 January 2017

Try the Wolrld #5: Michelin Holiday Box

I love that Try the World does a holiday box. They are putting together a "love" themed box for Valentine's day too!

The following items were in my holiday box:

(Not pictured: a box of British tea)

I am in LOVE with the gingersnap cookies and will probably be purchasing them again. I'm not a huge maple fan, but I did like the maple short bread cookies.

I tried the Taiwanese pineapple cakes. While the packaging was adorable, I found the cakes to be too sweet. I experienced this overly sweet taste a lot in Korea as well. I wonder if it is an "Asian" thing for desserts to be more sugary than flavorful?

I'm not a toffee lover but this toffee was the best I'd had, good enough to at least make me a toffee eater! :)

I can't wait to make cookies with the date spread and try out the french spice cake mix.

If you're interested in Try the World, now's the perfect time because they are partnering again with Michelin for a Valentine's day box.

I've always gotten AT LEAST$39 in product valu with a good mix of items. If you want to give it a whirl, sign up HERE.

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