Friday, 9 December 2016

Try the World #4: Morroco

My mom went to Morroco when she was in high school and told me stories and showed me her photographs  from her trip when I was a child. Because of this, I've always been curious about Moroccan culture so I was delighted when I realized that my fourth Try the World box was based on Morocco!

This box contained:

  1. Moroccan Green Tea ($11-13 on other sites) IT SMELLS DIVINE.
  2. Orange Blossom Water (averages $7 on other shopping sites)
  3. Anise Cookies ($5-6 on other sites)
  4. Couscous (I couldn't find the precooked, but another site sells a box of this size Dari brand couscous for $16.95)
  5. Couscous Sauce
  6. Paprika Crackers
  7. Harissa (averages $7 on other shopping sites)
  8. Kefta Rub Spice Blend

I haven't made anything out of this box although I am planning on using the spice mix, harissa, couscous and couscous sauce to make a pot of couscous with. 

Do you have any ideas for the orange blossom water?

Also, if you'd like to give this service a try, use this link for two free boxes with the purchase of a subscription.

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