Sunday, 11 September 2016

Book Review: Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker

Wow! What an encouraging read.

Jen tells her story in her debut book, Everything is Possible. Jen's life is a living embodiment of Philippians 4:13. Born without legs, and abandoned by her birth parents Jen found a way, to not just survive but to thrive. Jen lives a very full life with Christ at it's foundation.

Jen doesn't think of herself as handicapped and has never let her missing limbs slow her down. In fact, she seems to prefer moving around without her prosthetics better than with them. Jen learned to play sports and drive just like any other child. Now, she's an aerialist who toured with Brittany Spears! Jen published a portion of her dream list inside the book and I believe she will accomplish it all. She lives fearlessly and tries to teach us how in her book.

I breezed through reading Everything is Possible because it was just like chatting with my best friend. It's tone is bubbly and conversational. It's easy to fly through, soaking in bits and pieces of Jen's story and  attitude as you go. Although it is an "easy read" it contains great "meat" and is a book I anticipate coming back to again and again and taking away new lessons each time-just like spending time with an old friend!

I'm truly thankful that Jen was inspired to write such a book and have followed her on Facebook to see what she does next!

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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