Monday, 15 August 2016

Book Review: JumpStart Your Priorites by John C. Maxwell

This book is broken down into 90 page segments. Each segment contains two pages. The first page contains an inspirational quote or verse and the second page consists of an assignment or exercise with space for writing or journaling. The topics fall in twelve different categorizes including attitude, health, family, faith and growth. The exercises range from self assessments to writing goals to writing declarations.

I really like that this book is broken down into bite-sized pieces. It makes making an improvement plan seem a lot more manageable. I think the premise of the book- that your success depends on your daily agenda- is very true. I also liked that the book has a workbook where you can apply the principles that Maxwell talks about.

However, a found the book to be a bit repetitive. I felt like it was more "90 days of advice on how to start getting serious about your priorities" than an "90-day improvement plan". But I guess, if the sole goal is after 90 days that you are more focused then it is an improvement. I guess from all the "hype" about Maxwell being a #1 author I expected a little more. All in all, it's not a bad book, but I wouldn't buy it for a friend.

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