Saturday, 20 February 2016

Chunky Sink Cookies

I was inspired to make these cookie's after watching an episode of Pioneer Woman. That happens a lot actually. I liked the concept of the cookie she made; it looked hearty and had a variety of mix-ins. However,  I'm not a big fan of apricots, and, while I like raisins, a lot of people I bake for, don't. Also, her cookie had no chocolate. And have you seen the title of this blog?! So, I found a way to mix it up and add-in some chocolate.

I named these cookies "sink" cookies because I feel like they have everything but the kitchen sink in them!


1 1/2 cups salted butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups brown sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 1/4 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/3 cup quick oats
3 cups granola (I think I used Clover Valley)
1 cup chopped pecans
1 1/4 cups dried cherries
1 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chunks

Tip: Use a really big bowl! My kitchen aid mixer bowl was just big enough!


1. Cream butter and sugars.
2. Mix in eggs and vanilla.
3. Mix in flour and baking soda.
4. Mix in oatmeal and granola.
5. Fold in pecans, cherries, coconut and chocolate. I had to use my hands for this step.
6. Scoop out cookies with a scoop or tablespoon. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 375F for 10 minutes. This made about 40 cookies.

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