Monday, 10 March 2014

A Day in the Life

Since my life has changed dramitically since moving here I thought I'd give you an average play by play of my day.

8am-9:30 Wake up and walk the dog. Make Mike a sandwich for lunch and me a sandwich for dinner. Pack the lunchbox for Mike to take to work. Bible and devotional reading. Check email

9:30am Mike leaves for work and I shower

10am Dishes/ prep for lunch and dinner/Laundry

11am Eat lunch

11:30-12:30 Get dressed/Bible reading/ writing time

12:30 Walk the dog

12:50-1:20 Finish anything that didn't get done earler/ relax

1:20-1:50 Walk to work

2:20-9:45 Teach English classes. Involves copious amounts of Rock Paper Scissors. I have younger kids in the afternoon the older ones in the evening. My students range from 6-15 years old. We recently switched from a games heavy to a study heavy system so I also reject multiple requests for games in a 40 minute period. Between my classes I eat the sandwich/pickles/chips/yogurt combo I packed. I also have 40 students to call once a month and do telephone teaching. On Wednesdays work is finished around 6:30pm. Mike and I use this time to go to dinner together and go to Costco once a month. Otherdays, Mike finishes at 6pm.

9:45- 10:15 Walk home

10:15-11:30 Watch TV with Mike and head to bed

What does your day look like?


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

  3. My day: 6am- rise and wake teenager for school
    6:40- son out for bus or I take him
    7am- coffee and read Bible devotions
    8:45am- put little girl down the street on the bus
    9am: feed dog, have breakfast
    9:30am: start chores
    12pm- lunch
    Afternoon: finish chores or work on writing project
    2pm: 1/2 hour power nap
    2:30 pm- son home from school
    4:30-5-get dinner ready & eat at least by 6
    7pm- any meetings or choir practice
    9pm- make sure son's homework is done or watch a little tv.
    10pm- bed
    Most of the day is interspersed with my husband in and out.


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