Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 Word

A couple of years ago I participated in the trend of picking a word that I want to define my upcoming year. That year, I picked "love".

For some reason, the next couple of years picking a word slipped my mind.

I want to revive the trend again this year.

I've given it much thought and I've chosen to take a directive, voiced by a former co-worker, that I believe to be a message from God.

He said, "Be bold."

When he first said it to me, I was instantly puzzled and understanding at the same time.

I knew I needed to be braver, to speak out more.

At my next job, I was blessed to attend company Bible studies. There I learned more of what it meant to live for God, without inhabitation.

Still, I hold back.

My hubby and I have had a lot of  alone time together.
He's noticed that I don't fully embrace myself. That I hold back, shy away. And being a good husband, he's tried to encourage me to let loose.

So, my word to focus on this year is BOLD.

According to

not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a bold hero.
not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent: He apologized for being so bold as to speak to the emperor.
necessitating courage and daring; challenging: a bold adventure.
beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative: Einstein was a bold mathematician. a difficult problem needing a bold answer.

I want to be bold for God. To have no fear of obeying or speaking out about him.
I don't want to hesitate to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas
I want to be courageous, daring.

I will be BOLD!!


  1. Don't be too bold, you might scare some people.

  2. Love your choice . . . It sounds perfect for you! Here's to a Bold 2014 for you!

  3. Love your word for 2014 - it sounds sounds perfect for you! Here's to a BOLD new year!


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