Saturday, 8 June 2013

Successful Day of YARD SALES

 The hubby and I both like to go yard sale shopping.

There were a few community yard sales in our area today so we decided to give it a go. Despite the overcast weather, we had quite the luck.

For $3 I walked away with:

  • a work shirt (tied with the purse for my favorite, although the purse was by far the better deal)
  • a brand new gift for my secret pal
  • a brand new purse and matching wallet
  • a dessert pedestal
  • and a book about dino poop for a special kiddo!
That's about .60 cents an item!

My husband spent a bit more, but still got some good deals. For around $12 he came home with:

  • a beer gass
  • a 3 drawer filing cabinet
  • a power pad for his Nintendo  (his favorite score)
  • brand new insoles
That's an average of $3 an item. But the filing cabinet really makes up the majority of the total.

Did you go yard sale hunting today? What's your best ever yard sale find?

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