Friday, 5 October 2012

You Know Whats HARD?

Have you seen the title of my blog?

Theres a lot of truth in that I'm discovering.

Some friends and I are doing an 8 Week Get Healthy Challenge. I can eat the fruits and veggies- I love them. I can make myself do pilates and aerobis because in the long run I love them. I can drink half my body weight, in ounces in water. Because thats all I drink most days.

But to only eat sweets one day a week?!!!


My body runs on chocolate!
My blood may be paritally chocolate.
Thats why my eye are brown.

 Unless you ask my husband, he may give  you a slightly different reason.

Last week was week 1 of this makerachelwannajumpoffabridgeintoariverofchocolate thing we're calling a "challenge". And I couldn't do it. I couldn't eat chocolate just one day a week.

For goodness sakes I've had 3 different chocolate cookies today!

So Week 2 rolled around and I decided "cold turkey" is not for me. I want to be healthy and eat less junk. (Don't tell the Reese's I said that) so I am "weaning" myself off of what has become my "self-medication". My husband chews tobacco, I pop M&Ms like thier Vicadian.

Anywho, this week I'm allowed chocolate everyother day. And next week every, 2 days. Week4 every 3 days, and so on until I reach the point where I can go with eating it just once a week  or (gasp) not at all.


(And my husband's sanity)

PS: Where have I been? I've been spending my writing time working on a book. I hope to post more often because I MISS YA'LL. (NO, I will not say you'ns. WILL NOT)

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